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Attendance_Policy Card IconAttendance Policy


Students are expected to be at school, on time, every day unless they are ill or have a doctor's appointment. 

School attendance is closely monitored.  Parents should call the school's attendance line, 566-1810, to report each absence and to give the reason for the absence. 

When the school does not receive a call and/or a note regarding the absence, the absence is considered to be a "no parent response".  This is an unexcused absent. The parent has 5 working days to clear the absent.
The State allows us to excuse those absences for illness, medical and dental appointments only.
State mandated attendance letters are sent out based on the following:
  1st Notification of Truancy - 3 days unexcused absences/tardies
  2nd Notification of Truancy - 5 days unexcused absences/tardies
  Excessive Absences/Tardies - 5 days excused absences/tardies

After 6 days unexcused absences/tardies,
a SART meeting could be required.

Lates_and_Tardies Card IconLates and Tardies

Late: Students are considered late when they arrive to school from 7:46 am -8:15 am.

Students are considered tardy when they arrive to school after 8:15 am.

Excessive Lates or Tardies could result in a SART meeting.

Excessive Absences/Tardies or students currently on a SART : a doctor's note or in person verification of absence to the office is needed.