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Dear Families,

This page is a source to help you connect and get information. 

What is the Technology Page?

This is the Allison Elementary resource and information page for Technology.  It has links to communication tools, curriculum, district resources, and other resources to help parents.

How can I get free or low cost internet access?

This is a link to the district's page that shows how you can get free internet access.

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How-To-Videos / Videos de' cómo hacer

 How-To- Videos English Spanish
How to Log on to Your Laptop 
How to Access Class Link 
How to Access Google Classroom 
How to Access Gmail
How to Join a Zoom Meeting - Parent
How to Join a Zoom Meeting - Student Laptop
How to Rejoin a Zoom Meeting
How to Upload a Photo in Google Classroom

Allison's Virtual Library

What is the Aeries Parent Portal?

The Aeries Parent Portal is a Communication (Parent Square) and information tool for parents.
For Help with Parent Portal
To reach TRUSD Student Services Staff, please call the TRUSD Student Services Support Line at(916) 566-7801, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. (closed July 3).

What is Parent Square?

Parent Square is a communication tool that allows parents, teachers, principal, and the district to communicate.

What is the TRUSD APPS Portal?

This is the portal students use to sign in to all district curriculum.

iReady Family Center

This is the iReady Family Center.  There is lots of great information here.

What is FACE?

Family and Community Engagement (FACE) will be hosting virtual family workshops and trainings to support its Twin Rivers community on the learning tools and programs to promote online learning for students, resources from the District and Departments, and additional information as requested.