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Links to Curriculum

Journeys Card IconJourneysTop of Page

This is our new Language Arts Program.

Spelling_City Card IconSpelling CityTop of Page

This website is a wonderful way to help your child practice their spelling and vocabulary homework.  It has many free resources and many of our teachers have already put in their spelling lists for the year.  Search by teacher name and see what you can find.  Nothing there?  Double check with the teacher.  You can always put the words in (or have your chld do it) and they can practice, practice, practice!

AR_Book_Finder Card IconAR Book FinderTop of Page

Want to help your child find a book at their reading level?  Use this wonderful resource to check out the level of the books they want to read.  Not sure what their reading level is?  Ask their teacher!

Go_Math! Card IconGo Math!Top of Page

Our new math program has a great component for children to do at home.  They can review the days lesson, see how to solve problems step by step, and practice!  Contact your child's teacher for more information.

SWUN_Math_Parent_Connection Card IconSWUN Math Parent ConnectionTop of Page

SWUN Math is our supplemental math curriculum. Click on the link to access SWUN Math material.

Click Here

JiJi Card IconJiJiTop of Page

JiJi is a wonderful math program that helps students see how math works.  It helps build a wonderful foundation so children understand why math formulas work.  Your child's teacher can help you get set up at home.  Just ask for a flyer!

IXL_Math Card IconIXL MathTop of Page

This is a wonderful resource for students of all ages.  If you take a look at your child's math homework, you can easily find practice problems that support the assignment.  When a child gets a problem wrong, it shows them where they went wrong and goes through the correct steps to solve the problem.